COMING SOON: This Anthropogenic Life

For all your burning questions.

This Anthropogenic Life is a new newsletter about climate change and pollution, the bad guys making things worse and the regular people figuring out how to survive. It’s written by me, Alexander Kaufman.

My work normally appears on HuffPost dot com, where I’m a staff reporter. My stories also appear in Mother Jones, Slate, City Lab and other publications through the Climate Desk partnership. You might also know me from my incessant tweets.

The goal of this newsletter is threefold: To distribute my best stories, to point you in the direction of other people’s best stories, and share exclusive interviews and information that don’t make it into my reporting.

For now, I’m keeping this newsletter casual. It’ll stay free in its present form. I’m planning to send something out every weekend, unless I have a big story worth sending earlier. So tell your friends and family!

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