Happy hour TONIGHT in Brooklyn with Kate Aronoff and me

Hello, friends.

I’m sorry it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve sent you something. I’m a schmuck! But a schmuck who’s co-hosting a happy hour tonight in Brooklyn. From about 7 p.m. - 10:30 p.m., you can join me and the very great Kate Aronoff at Cherry Tree Bar in Brooklyn. It’s super cheap, and the pizza is pretty good.

Kate did a nice job of summing up the event in an email she sent to friends last night, so I’m going to just blockquote that and hope those of you who agree “that Kaufman guy is a real schmuck” will show up for her. Come through!

The basic idea is just to bring together folks who work on, think and/or worry about climate change in any way shape or form. It will be a chance to hang out with cool/fun/smart people who are interested in the same stuff as you. It will not be a horribly depressing and studious, structured discussion about the National Climate Assessment, COP 24 et. al. No special knowledge of greenhouse gasses is needed to attend, just a vague commitment to prefiguring our leisurely eco-socialist future (i.e., chilling).

Please bring and/or invite any friends, comrades, coworkers, etc. who you think might be interested! I've almost certainly left off several people who should be on this list. 

Hopefully see you soon!


P.S. - This will hopefully soon become semi-regular. Maybe even regular! And certainly with a little more advanced notice than this late-night-email. So if you can't make it tomorrow but want to stay in the loop let me know :)